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The Jeremy Elvis Social Page
Hello, my name is Jeremy “Elvis” Ewbank I tribute Elvis Presley. I am not an impersonator, I tribute him.

    Im not trying to be Elvis or anything better than Elvis. There is only one Elvis, I project all positive  things about Elvis and I feel that he was a great man and a very giving human being,  he honored his parents and God. 

    He served his country when called for duty so many idolized him for this including myself; I even named my 3rd child Preslie in honor of him.

    I have won many Elvis contests and I was also a finalist in many of them. I am internationally known and was a big part in the Florida state fair advertisements.

     What you will see when I am tributing the "king of rock and roll" is full costumes from 50s to the 70s including the jump suit era . People are always telling me, "Jeremy you have the moves, the image, and the hair." You will see me perform his music and dance like the king while interacting with the fans. I love trivia and I love the audiences participation.
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